Welcome to the New York State Board of Elections Election Night Reporting Page. Please be advised that the polls in New York State close at 9 PM. It may take some time after 9 PM for results to begin to appear on this page. If a county has not yet uploaded their election results to this website or if you are looking for local election results, please contact the county board of elections. Write-in results are shown in the aggregate. Individual names for write-ins are only published in the official results and only by the State Board if a write-in candidate is a winner.
Statement on the Unofficial Nature of Election Night Results
The unofficial election night results displayed on this web site are based on the unofficial results reported to us by each County Board of Elections and as such, are posted on the web as a convenience to the public. New York State Election Law requires a complete recanvass of all votes cast on Election Day and the canvass of all valid absentee, special, and affidavit (provisional) ballots before any election results can be certified. Once all ballot counting tasks have been completed (usually within 15 days for a primary and within 25 days for a general election), each County Board certifies their respective election results pursuant to and in accordance with the applicable sections of New York State Election Law (see NYS Election Law, Sections 3-222, 9-200, 9-208). Those certifications are then sent to the State Board for aggregation, certification and publication/posting.
Primary PartyContestDistrictsCounty Breakdown
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 ElectionFederal Primary Election 2018
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 DEM Primary > 1st Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 144,470)Election Districts Reporting: 473 of 473 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
David PechefskyDEM.11.90 %2,425
Kate M. BrowningDEM.30.22 %6,159
Elaine Di MasiDEM.5.92 %1,207
Perry GershonDEM.35.45 %7,226
Vivian M. Viloria-FisherDEM.16.26 %3,314
Blank0.08 %16
Void0.08 %16
Write-in0.10 %20
Total Votes20,383
 DEM Primary > 2nd Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 159,400)Election Districts Reporting: 524 of 524 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Du Wayne GregoryDEM.41.64 %4,983
Liuba Grechen ShirleyDEM.57.98 %6,938
Blank0.10 %12
Void0.15 %18
Write-in0.13 %16
Total Votes11,967
 DEM Primary > 5th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 298,385)Election Districts Reporting: 490 of 492 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Gregory W. MeeksDEM.80.90 %9,803
Mizan ChoudhuryDEM.8.77 %1,063
Carl H. AchilleDEM.9.60 %1,163
Blank0.07 %8
Void0.25 %30
Write-in0.41 %50
Total Votes12,117
 DEM Primary > 9th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 313,949)Election Districts Reporting: 528 of 532 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Adem BunkeddekoDEM.47.90 %13,729
Yvette D. ClarkeDEM.51.65 %14,804
Blank0.04 %12
Void0.11 %32
Write-in0.30 %86
Total Votes28,663
 DEM Primary > 11th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 183,564)Election Districts Reporting: 489 of 489 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Omar VaidDEM.8.43 %1,441
Michael DeVito Jr.DEM.18.42 %3,150
Zach EmigDEM.1.26 %216
Paul SperlingDEM.2.29 %392
Radhakrishna MohanDEM.3.78 %647
Max N. RoseDEM.62.65 %10,712
Blank0.40 %69
Void0.36 %61
Write-in.2.40 %410
Total Votes17,098
 DEM Primary > 12th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 259,877)Election Districts Reporting: 563 of 569 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Carolyn B. MaloneyDEM.58.42 %24,223
Suraj PatelDEM.40.99 %16,995
Blank0.05 %22
Void0.11 %47
Write-in0.42 %173
Total Votes41,460
 DEM Primary > 14th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 214,570)Election Districts Reporting: 440 of 449 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDEM.57.13 %15,897
Joseph CrowleyDEM.42.27 %11,761
Blank0.08 %23
Void0.21 %59
Write-in0.31 %86
Total Votes27,826
 DEM Primary > 16th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 251,841)Election Districts Reporting: 719 of 732 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Jonathan LewisDEM.16.14 %4,468
Derickson K. LawrenceDEM.4.15 %1,150
Joyce N. BriscoeDEM.5.60 %1,551
Eliot L EngelDEM.73.67 %20,394
Blank0.06 %17
Void0.10 %27
Write-in0.28 %77
Total Votes27,684
 DEM Primary > 19th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 141,289)Election Districts Reporting: 436 of 458 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Brian FlynnDEM.13.18 %4,608
Erin CollierDEM.4.86 %1,700
Gareth RhodesDEM.17.85 %6,242
Pat RyanDEM.17.72 %6,194
Antonio DelgadoDEM.21.99 %7,690
Jeff BealsDEM.13.18 %4,608
Dave CleggDEM.11.08 %3,873
Blank0.04 %15
Void0.03 %11
Write-in0.06 %22
Total Votes34,963
 DEM Primary > 21st Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 117,878)Election Districts Reporting: 513 of 513 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Tedra L. CobbDEM.56.01 %10,347
Patrick F. NelsonDEM.9.12 %1,685
Dylan RatiganDEM.11.91 %2,200
Katie WilsonDEM.11.68 %2,157
Emily MartzDEM.10.37 %1,915
Don BoyajianDEM0.55 %102
Blank0.06 %12
Void0.04 %8
Write-in0.27 %49
Total Votes18,475
 DEM Primary > 23rd Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 128,565)Election Districts Reporting: 451 of 451 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Tracy MitranoDEM.32.22 %6,996
Ian GoldenDEM.13.44 %2,918
Max Della PiaDEM.32.34 %7,022
Edward A. SundquistDEM.6.42 %1,395
Linda AndreiDEM.15.33 %3,330
Blank0.06 %14
Void0.03 %7
Write-in0.16 %34
Total Votes21,716
 DEM Primary > 24th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 143,319)Election Districts Reporting: 322 of 322 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Dana BalterDEM.62.38 %13,892
Juanita Perez WilliamsDEM.37.23 %8,291
Blank0.11 %24
Void0.02 %5
Write-in0.26 %58
Total Votes22,270
 DEM Primary > 25th Congressional District > All Counties (Active Enrolled Democrats: 178,181)Election Districts Reporting: 346 of 346 
CandidatePartyGraph (by Candidate)Percent (by Candidate)Votes (by Candidate)
Joseph D. MorelleDEM.45.29 %15,303
Adam C. McFaddenDEM.17.45 %5,896
Robin R. WiltDEM.17.35 %5,861
Rachel A. BarnhartDEM.19.77 %6,678
Blank0.01 %4
Void0.03 %11
Write-in0.10 %33
Total Votes33,786